A Fresh, Catholic Approach to Scripture

A new and fresh approach to the study of Sacred Scripture by Matthew Phelps has appeared on the scene, rooted in the ancient Catholic method of reading the Scriptures drawn from the Mass with a spirit of prayerful attentiveness to God’s Presence in the sacred texts: Turning to God’s Word. By means of evocative questions, Turning to God’s Word helps you allow the Spirit to lead mind and heart into the depths of wisdom contained in the Bible and enter into a dialogue with God.

In addition to their website’s many resources, they have a dynamite book on the Rosary that draws on Scripture and Tradition in a user-friendly, rich and beautiful way!

In this coming Year of Faith, I highly recommend you check it out for use in personal Scripture study or in parish programs (e.g. RCIA) that wish to immerse God’s People in the living Word of God and aid them in preparing for a fuller participation in the Mass.

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