Tender Faith

By Guest Blogger-priest Father Fuerte

A letter of faith to the Mother of God from a priest-son

Dear Loving Lady,

I am growing more grateful for my faith in your son Jesus. One of the things I enjoy most about my faith in him is that he comes in good company. If I meet him I also get to meet his great Father and the Holy Spirit, and you! I get to meet him in a big family of people from all over the world that have faith in him too and other people who don’t but I know they know him too!

I wanted to write you because, first, I think you are beautiful and I know you love me. It makes sense to write to someone you know loves you, right? I think you are the best company for me. Even before I could really be grateful I know you loved me and looked after me. Remember when my mom was very sick and the doctor didn’t think she should have me? You loved my mom so much and you loved me when I was so small. She had me and I was the only boy in the family after four girls! I know I made you smile and my mommy, daddy, and sisters too.

As I grew up my life was filled with love, but you know I wasn’t perfect. I did things that made you laugh and things that made you cry. You see all of me with you loving eyes. Remember that time mom took me to the nursing home and told me if I just sat and spent time with the elderly that that would mean so much to them? Remember AAAAAAAAAAAAL the first times I got to hold my baby nieces and nephews? You loved to watch me play, didn’t you? You still do! Sometimes I wasn’t nice to girls. Sometimes I wasn’t nice to boys. I am sorry. Please hold them tight.

Before I end my letter to you beautiful lady I want to thank you for believing in my heart. Could you please watch over my great aunt Sarah in the nursing home. She was born on Sept. 8, your birthday! Now she will be 89. Can you say something to my dad’s heart about how good he is especially when he feels overwhelmed with taking care of her and all of us? Sweet Emma Marie was born on Dec. 8. She’s so pure like you. Tell her heart that as she gets older. Dear Loving Lady, is my grandpa with you in heaven? He was so good to us. He used to call me his grrrrrrrrrandson! He died on Oct. 7. Please tell him I miss him and want to see him. I want to see everybody.

Can I write you again?

I love you.

Your child,


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