Discerning Faith

By Tom Neal, PhD

Today I wanted to spotlight Discerning Hearts, a spiritual ‘retreat stop’ for those who sail on the digital sea in search of a harbor of faith.

Discerning Hearts became an official non-profit apostolate in 2011 and creates engaging multi-media, specializing in audio productions faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and her rich authentic spiritual tradition. Its mission responds to the Church’s call to use new media for evangelization, catechesis and spiritual renewal.  It was recently selected as by the OSV readers guide to the Internet as one of the top spots highlighting Catholic spirituality.

Kris McGregor, founder and editor/producer/executive director of Discerning Hearts, has interviewed literally hundreds of today’s major educators, authors and evangelists in (and outside) the Catholic Church. She has broadcast from areas as far away as Rome and as remote as the mountain tops of Guatemala. Kris has also produced a wide range of series under the banner ‘Discerning Hearts presents,’ with topics ranging from the Fathers of the Church to Christian Spirituality and Apologetics to Women’s Fertility, hosting series for Catholic leaders like Mike Aquilina, Joseph Pearce, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, Deacon James Keating, and Dr. R. R. Reno to name a few. As the host of ‘Inside the Pages,’ Kris talks with many of today’s most compelling authors and which is heard on Catholic radio stations around the country. She has also given numerous talks on subjects ranging from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Media and the Family.

Kris’ interviews present conversations of consequence that draw the listener in, making you sense that you are sitting in her living room sipping a cup of wisdom.

Listen in.

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