Buzz on Year of Faith Synod

As the Year of Faith “kick off” Vatican Synod (i.e. gathering of bishops) on the New Evangelization nears, there’s lots of buzz about what material from the Synod’s proposed working document will be given the most attention. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s packed with proposals.

Fr. James Wehner, the esteemed Rector of Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, himself a scholar of the New Evangelization, weighs in on the matter in a recent article. Take a gander:

When the Synod of Bishops convenes Oct. 7, the principal purpose is to study how the New Evangelization affects the mission of the Church. The Holy Father has asked the synod to study about “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.” As the theme indicates, the focus is on the “transmission” of the faith. Both Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have identified the New Evangelization as the response to how the Church transmits the Christian faith, considering the challenges confronting believers in today’s world. Read more…

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