Mary: All-Pure Faith

Here is a stunning hymn to Our Lady the All-Pure One from our Eastern sister, the Orthodox Church, with lyrics below the embedded youtube:

Agni Parthene (Αγνή Παρθένε) is a liturgical hymn composed by St. Nectarios of Aegina, drawn from the Theotokarion (Book of Hymns to the Mother of God). Sometimes performed in Orthodox churches at the beginning of Vespers.

✟ Refrain: O Rejoice Bride unwedded. O Virgin pure, immaculate, O Lady Theotokos. (Refrain) O fleece bedewed with every grace. O Virgin Queen and Mother. (Refrain) 
More radiant that the rays of the sun, and higher than the heavens. (Refrain) O joy of virgin choruses, superior to the angels. (Refrain) O brighter than the firmament and purer that the sun’s light. (Refrain) More holy than the multitude of all the heavenly armies. (Refrain)

✟ O ever virgin Mary of all the world, the Lady. (Refrain) O Bride all pure immaculate, O Lady Panagia. (Refrain) O Mary Bride and Queen of all, the cause of our rejoicing. (Refrain) 
O noble Maiden, gracious Queen, supremely holy Mother. (Refrain) More honored than the Cherubim, beyond compare more glorious (Refrain) Than the unbodied Seraphim, transcending the angelic Thrones. (Refrain)

✟ Rejoice, the song of Cherubim rejoice, the hymn of angels Rejoice the ode of Seraphim; the joy of the archangels. Rejoice, O peace and happiness and cause of our rejoicing. 
O sacred chamber of the Word, the flower of incorruption. Rejoice, delightful Paradise of blessed life eternal. Rejoice O sacred Tree of life and fount of immortality.

✟ I supplicate you, Lady now, I fervently entreat you. O Queen of all, I earnestly implore and seek your favor. O gracious Maiden, spotless one, O Lady Panagia. I call upon you ardently , O holy hallowed Temple. O help me and deliver me protect me rom the enemy. 
And make me an inheritor of blessed life eternal.

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