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Christus Resurrexit!

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Writing the Passion by Our Lives

We are now living in a time of faith. The Holy Spirit writes no more gospels except in our hearts. All we do, from moment to moment, is live this new Gospel of the Holy Spirit. We, if we are … Continue reading

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A Virtual Holy Week Homily

By Heather King I thought about that for awhile. I started thinking about the kind of homily I’d give if I were a priest. Now don’t get me wrong: I love priests. I have no desire to be a priest. … Continue reading

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Same-sex unions, faith and defining marriage

The Meaning of Marriage March 25, 2013 R. R. Reno Our society seems determined to redefine marriage. To a great degree that’s already completed. Contraception has largely removed fertility from the sexual unions of men and women. No-fault divorce has … Continue reading

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Faith and Fear

By Guest Blogger Christopher Bourne Fear…the ultimate robber of joy. We’ve all experienced it from time to time, whether it is the short-lived, self-inflicted type on a 60-second roller coaster ride, or the kind that causes the body and even … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan on Two Popes’ Elections

Peggy Noonan for Pope Benedict: There were many moving and dramatic moments in Rome two days ago, but this is the one I think I’ll remember: the sight of them running. Did you see them running to St. Peter’s Square … Continue reading

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Interior Redecorating for Holy Week

Making this Week Holy, by the late Sr. Thea Bowman c/o Rocco Palmo Let us resolve to make this week holy by claiming Christ’s redemptive grace and by living holy lives. The Word became flesh and redeemed us by his … Continue reading

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