Writing the Passion by Our Lives

We are now living in a time of faith. The Holy Spirit writes no more gospels except in our hearts. All we do, from moment to moment, is live this new Gospel of the Holy Spirit. We, if we are holy, are the paper; our sufferings and our actions are the ink. The workings of the Holy Spirit are the pen, and with it he writes a living gospel; but it will never be read until that last day of glory, when it leaves the printing press of this life … The book is on a press and, never a day passes when the type is not set, ink applied, and pages pulled … The paper is blacker than the ink, and the type is pied; the language is not of this world, and we understand nothing. We shall be able to read it only in heaven.

— Jean Pierre de Caussade

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4 Responses to Writing the Passion by Our Lives

  1. Sherri Paris says:

    Wow…now THAT got my eyes wide open this morning…I will save this and read it many times in the future. Very moving….. By the way, it was a joy for me that I got to carry the cruet of chrism that will be applied to me (and 4 others) Saturday at the Vigil….(It was a looong aisle, though! 🙂

    • AWESOME!! I am so excited and will be with you in spirit tomorrow eve, Sherri. Much joy in much Chrism to you! 😉

    • Sherri — I never heard from you again…I hope your Vigil initiation was joyous! Peace. Tom

      • Sherri Paris says:

        Oh, hello! I am sorry it has taken so long to get in touch! What is your e-mail address? I can go into more detail there….the Easter Vigil was beautiful but, was bittersweet because less than an hour before I had to be at the parish I was on the phone with a Veterinarian surgeon– our beloved Alaskan Malamute, Missy, had emergency surgery and we had to make the wretched decision to have her put to sleep. We were devastated, to say the least…mystery, mystery with timing in our lives at times, eh?! At any rate, I am a Catholic girl now….just learning this journey…. Thank you for your interest and prayers. God bless you and your family….

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