OK, so what sort of renewal did Vatican II prescribe?

Pope Francis recently insisted once again on the importance of implementing the renewal called for by the Second Vatican Council. Unfortunately, every time I insist (with the last five popes) that the Second Vatican Council gave us the program of Catholic renewal that we are supposed to be following, I receive messages which (usually at great length) run something like this: “If the Council was so great, why has the Church suffered so much since that time? I’m tired of hearing about the Council. Clearly we need to go back before the Council to find authentic Catholicism.”

It is really hard for me to accept that the answer to that question is not obvious by now. But to understand the renewal that the Council called for, I am afraid we need to answer this question correctly. Let me break it down into four clear and simple points Read more…

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  1. Rosary Maker says:

    I think it would be most helpful if the Catholic faithful would grow more comfortable speaking about JEsus and their faith. Not defending – just talking about things amongst ourselves. We have such treasures and at times we are keeping both joys and sorrows secret from each other – much less sharing it with the rest of the world.

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