Catholic Homeschoolers and Evolution

Cathy Duffy is an author and a home school resource provider who reviews textbooks for the sake of home schooling parents looking for guidance in selecting good resources for their children.  In February she graciously sent me a copy of her unpublished review of my book and invited  a response from me.  The review is now available at her website.  Below is my response, now edited to reflect the changes she made to the review based on my feedback.

I am posting my response not to highlight my disagreement with Ms. Duffy’s criticisms, but rather to illuminate the way in which the Catholic Church approaches the modern scientific consensus regarding biological evolution and modern science in general.  Ms. Duffy calls the evidence furnished by scientists confirming the theory of evolution “the idols of evolution”: “It seems to me that Baglow too easily accepts the ‘idols of evolution’ as fact.”  In my response I suggest a different way of seeing these sources of evidence and offered an explanation of my approach: Read more…

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2 Responses to Catholic Homeschoolers and Evolution

  1. Chad Arneson says:

    To see the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation I would invite you to consider this article:

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