St. Maximilian Kolbe, Bl. John Paul II, and Bl. Jerzy Popiełuszko

We promised readers a six-part series on the West’s new reigning philosophy, subhumanism, and it will continue next week. But something major has come up – the kind of opportunity to share the Faith that arises only rarely, and which we can’t stand to miss. In our upcoming book, The Race to Save Our Century, we won’t just be outlining what went wrong in the 20th century, but the principles that could have prevented the 100 years of tyranny and carnage that began in August, 1914. We’ll also be highlighting men and women who stood up, spoke out, and worked against the profoundly evil trends that devastated so many human lives. These prophets who fought subhumanism demand our attention; it is only by looking to such great examples that we can light the fire in our own bellies, and do the specific piece of grunt work that God demands of each of us. At the very least, reading about these civic saints might shame us the next time we whine about our obstacles. Read more…

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