Sanctity Unchained

Although this article was written tongue-in-cheek, I have to admit it demonstrates marvelously just how wide Mother Church’s arms are, how colorful her imagination is and how untamed holiness can be — I love it!

Sex and violence. Victory and defeat. Romance and miracles.

Anything Hollywood has ever produced pales in comparison to the great trove of stories – the true, the legendary, and those somewhere in between – about the great followers of Christ before us. If you think Catholicism in boring, you obviously don’t know much about the saints.

Here are the top five craziest saints you’ve never heard before:

5) Man’s Best Saint

The first “saint” on this list is actually not officially recognized by the Church for the simple reason that he is a dog. That’s right: St. Guinefort, as he is known among his devoted followers, was a 13th century French dog who was apparently really holy and has been associated with all sorts of miracles.

Legend says his master, a knight, left his infant son in the care of Guinefort so he could go hunting (men do things like this). But when he returned, he found the house in disarray, the baby missing, and the dog covered in blood. In a fit of rage, the knight slew the dog – only to regret a moment later when he heard the cry of his baby. He found the baby safe under his bed, along with the dead body of a viper. The dog had saved the child from the predator, explaining why he had been covered in blood. The knight and his family set up a shrine to Guinefort, which became a pilgrimage site where families would bring their infants for healing or protection.

But don’t get too excited… there’s a reason you haven’t heard of the great St. Guinefort. The Church has repeatedly tried to put the kibosh on his cult.

4) Even Cutting Off His Head Won’t Stop Him From Preaching the Gospel

St. Denis was Bishop of Paris during the 3rd century – and a good one at that! (Perhaps too good.)  READ MORE CLICK HERE…

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