Pakistan’s Christians fear for their lives

Pakistan’s Christians now fear for their lives after a bomb ripped through the All Saints’ Church in the biggest ever suicide attack on their community. Dean Nelson reports.

Pakistanis light candles to express their solidarity with the victims of last Sunday’s Peshawar suicide attack on the church in Lahore, Pakistan Photo: KM CHAUDARY/AP
Dean Nelson

By , Peshawar

5:44PM BST 27 Sep 2013

It was at 11.44am that time stood still at All Saints’ Church.

The clock on the wall is frozen at the very minute seven-year-old Shyam Emmanuel lost his parents. In that same moment, seven children were sent to their deaths along with 78 adults who had congregated outside the gleaming white walls of Peshawar’s main Christian place of worship.

The carnage inflicted here was dealt by two young men, dressed in security uniforms, who, under instruction from the Taliban, detonated suicide vests and turned a warm community celebration into the biggest massacre of Christians in Pakistan’s history.

Six days after the devastating bombing in this North Western city of three and a half million people, the paediatric ward of Peshawar’s Lady Reading hospital is still full.

Shyam is one of more than a dozen bandaged, maimed and burnt children being treated all of whom had lost parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. READ MORE click here…

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