A Miracle Story By ROD DREHER

Nectarios of Aegina

This appeared this week in an online Orthodox parish bulletin in a friend’s parish. She knows the people to whom this happened. It has to do with a Greek Orthodox saint Nektarios of Aegina. I’ve slightly edited this to protect the privacy of the people to whom this happened. Read:

Over the summer, OCF [Orthodox Christian Fellowship — RD] members MS and ND traveled to Aegina to visit the monastery and to pray at the tomb of St. Nektarios. Following the customary practice of pilgrims, the two members prayed with their ear against the tomb. This practice originates in the commonly manifested wonder of pilgrims hearing the sound of the Saint’s feet tapping or shuffling within the tomb.

ND and MS both listened intently with their ears to the tomb… and heard nothing. ND decided to continue walking the premises, while MS stayed a bit longer with the Saint. MS prayed some more and pressed her ear against the tomb. This second time, she heard the sound of tapping. The sound was strong. She pulled away from the tomb, and noticed that the sound was continuing, within her. She placed her hand on the ear which had been on the tomb, and realized that there was oil on it; the tomb of St. Nektarios had streamed a miraculous oil. This was a special encounter indeed with [their] OCF [chapter] patron, St. Nektarios.

While this was happening, another OCF student, MR, was here in [state]. She knew that MS and ND were visiting Aegina, but she had never heard of the custom of pilgrims praying with their ears to the tomb. While ND and MS were at the tomb physically, MR was at the tomb with them… in a dream. She remembers it vividly. The three of them were standing together, ears pressed to the tomb. MR asked the Saint how she could have stronger faith. The Saint rose up and told her “if you can see me and hear me, then you have strong faith”. MR’s mother had fallen asleep in the Lord about a year earlier, and prayer for her had become a struggle. Her encounter with the Saint greatly comforted her.

Both of these miracles occurred the day before Dormition, which is MS’ and MR’s feast day.

MR didn’t find out about the miracle that occurred to MS and ND until their priest mentioned it in his homily the following Sunday.

What do you make of that? READ MORE click here

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One Response to A Miracle Story By ROD DREHER

  1. Sherri Paris says:

    I totally believe that the Lord speaks to His people via miracles and in numerous ways etc….but, this is indeed one of the strangest episodes– I am not quite sure what to think. I will be curious to see what other comments will be! 🙂

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