If you want this Blog to continue, answer me!

As the end of the Year of Faith nears (11/24), I wanted to see what interest there is left in this Blog, which in many ways has become a depot for faith related articles that are unique to my (Tom Neal) own tastes. If you wish this to continue, please comment on this post with your affirmative vote. If not, thank you for visiting our Cyber Shrine of Faith!

— Tom

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11 Responses to If you want this Blog to continue, answer me!

  1. leftfooter says:

    I read your blog regularly. Yes, please continue.

  2. Anne Baumhover says:

    Of course I want you to continue. You have shared so many wonderful writers and ideas.

  3. Mary D says:

    I read every post, please continue

  4. I read almost every blog – the information has been extremely helpful and entertaining for me! Thank you for all your hard work!! And please continue to include me….

  5. p says:

    I am deeply appreciative of the content in the blog. You’ve done a great job of keeping the community informed of what is going on across the country (USA) and the world. It’s provided me with a deeper understanding of my faith. please continue.

  6. Ellen Stemler says:

    Please continue – you make a difference in so many faith lives with your blog!

  7. Mike Handler says:

    I find your posts informative. Please continue.

  8. Susan Frost says:

    I enjoy your site immensely. Please continue to blog…

  9. Rachel Pinsonnault says:

    I am highly interested in articles relating to faith and wish you to continue this blog. Thank you

  10. G says:

    Please continue, thanks.

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