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Blessed are the peacemakers

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Syria’s Christians – who will help them?

Originally at: It all started during the early days of the Arab Spring — another “peaceful” protest defying another despotic regime. Today, nearly three years later, that protest has exploded into Syria’s ferocious civil war. Radicalized Sunni warriors have swept … Continue reading

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Clarification re “Notre Dame U” article..

Catholic Spring time readers: I wanted to clarify a serious ambiguity in today’s original post title — Notre Dame U’s pro-abortion Times column  — in no sense did I mean to imply that Notre Dame University itself was endorsing Dr. Gutting’s … Continue reading

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Notre Dame U professor’s pro-abortion Times column

Dr. Gutting, University of Notre Dame professor, occupying the endowed chair of philosophy, wrote an article in the NY Times you may wish to read. A colleague of mine, after reading this, wrote me this quote: “Do you know where … Continue reading

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How Contemporary Physics Points to God

by Fr. Robert Spitzer Does modern physics provide evidence for the existence of God? This article presents a general overview of the answer to that question (a more thorough treatment may be found in my recent book, New Proofs for the … Continue reading

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A Pope and a Rabbi

Originally at: by John Allen Also on Thursday, an old friend of Pope Francis came calling on him in Rome. Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Buenos Aires led a delegation of Jewish leaders from Argentina into an audience with the pope, … Continue reading

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Sinning mapped by State (really)

You absolutely have to look at this “mapping of sin” based on various forms of data gathering (i.e. violent crimes, theft, etc)! MAPS OF SEVEN DEADLY SINS IN AMERICA Geographers from Kansas State University have created a map of the spatial … Continue reading

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Pope speaks to the powerful and wealthy @ Davos

Here’s Pope Francis’ message to the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum in Davos: To Professor Klaus Schwab Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum: I am very grateful for your kind invitation to address the annual meeting of … Continue reading

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The Political Genius of Pope Francis

by Candida Moss Late last year, when President Obama reviewed the draft of a speech he was scheduled to give on economic inequality, he sent it back with a request: He wanted his speechwriter to add a quote from Pope Francis’s recent … Continue reading

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Pope Francis as Vatican II

Originally at: by Eugene Cullen Kennedy Simple, spare life summations have great power to arrest our attention and to set us thinking. These range from the tombstone legend about the little girl who died going west on the pioneer trail — … Continue reading

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