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Can Faith Rewire an Addict’s Brain?

Originally at: by BYRON JOHNSON And MARIA PAGANO Young people who regularly attend religious services and describe themselves as religious are less likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs, a growing body of research shows. Why? It could be religious instruction, … Continue reading

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Christian anthropology versus the Sexual Revolution

Originally at: by Peter Kreeft To see that the Sexual Revolution has been radical in thought as well as behavior, just look at the revolution in language. When people use the word “morality” today they almost always mean sexual morality. … Continue reading

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Former Vatican Observatory director, Rev. George Coyne

Originally at: by  Sonja Meyer Duntley Some people may think religion and science don’t mix. They are like two orbs that co-exist in space, but never cross each other’s path. Not so for the Rev. George Coyne. He’s lived fully in … Continue reading

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St. JP2

Originally at: by GEORGE WEIGEL In a March 1996 conversation, Pope John Paul II told me, almost wistfully, “They try to understand me from the outside, but I can only be understood from inside.” His tone that evening was less critical … Continue reading

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Meet the Philippine Pope Francis

Originally at: by John Allen Pope Francis marked the one-year anniversary of his election last week, triggering another round of effort to pin down the exact nature of his “Roman Spring.” There may be no single answer, but one way … Continue reading

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Two Saintly Popes: How John Paul II and John XXIII Modeled Virtue

Originally at: by Fr. Robert Barron This Sunday, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) and Karol Jozef Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) will be recognized as saints of the Catholic Church, and may God be praised for it! No one with … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Latest Big Bang Discovery

Originally at: by Trent Horn Over the past few days the world of cosmology and astrophysics has gone “supernova.” Researchers affiliated with the BICEP2 telescope in Antarctica announced that they had discovered empirical evidence for a key part of the Big … Continue reading

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Bishop Loverde invites all Catholics to become evangelists

Originally at:,24629 by Mike Flach “After 48 years as a priest, I have never been more convinced that each of us needs and desires a relationship with Jesus Christ in His Church,” Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde writes in his pastoral letter … Continue reading

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The Sexual Revolution and the Breakdown of Marriage

Originally at: by Russell Shaw Much has been made of Catholics’ negativism toward Church teaching and practice on marriage as it was reflected in survey results released by several European bishops’ conferences and some U.S. dioceses. The mostly self-selected respondents … Continue reading

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An economist considers Pope Francis’ critique of capitalism

Originally at: by Jeffrey D. Sachs Jesus’ teachings offer good news for the righteous, whether they are the poor and marginalized or the rich who are generous with their bounty. All can find a place in the kingdom. Yet there is … Continue reading

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