Martyrdom, John F. Kennedy and Catholic Social Teaching

Martyrdom confounds the modern mind… and how could it not? Living in an age of religious skepticism and scientism, we “enlightened” Westerners are unable to speak the same language or see the same world as the martyr, who found himself or herself unable to abandon their God to purchase comfort and well-being. What are we suppose to make of them? How can we understand their forfeiture of life for a faith that must necessarily be suffused with doubt and uncertainty? It would seem as if our only option, as 21st-century persons who know better than they, is to judge them as foolish, ignorant, and rash. However, if we pause for a moment, then we remember the inconvenient truth that Jesus himself was a martyr, a witness unto death. Can we ignore or denounce the martyr, who conformed himself to the Son of God made man, and still count ourselves as faithful followers of Christ? I believe that because we Catholics have such a difficult time understanding the martyrs, we have a hard time living the truths of Catholic social teaching, and here is why. READ MORE CLICK HERE…

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