Debating Abortion with a Horn

For years, Brandon Vogt’s friend Trent Horn did something that would terrify most of us:

He discussed a controversial issue (abortion), with total strangers, in open squares on college campuses.

He shared hundreds of these conversations over the years, and was eventually able to pinpoint the most common arguments used by abortion supporters. He also found the best replies.

Trent has gathered those replies into a magnificent new book, Persuasive Pro-Life: How to Talk About our Culture’s Toughest Issue (Catholic Answers, 2014).

I recommend Trent’s book, especially if you find yourself tongue-tied when discussing abortion. But if you don’t have the time or money, check out my recent interview with him. It’s full of brilliant, practical tips:

How to Better Defend Your Pro-Life Views (Interview with Trent Horn)
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