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A new Bishop-elect’s refreshing opening statement

Originally at: the Opening Day statement of the bishop-elect for the diocese of Greensburg, PA, Fr Edward Malesic: Last Monday I was running a few errands and in between I was sitting at my desk in the parish. The phone … Continue reading

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The Love That Brings New Life Into the World

Originally at: by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Editor’s Note: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and a member of the House of Lords, was a keynote speaker at an international conference at the Vatican titled “The … Continue reading

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A must read Mother’s day reflection

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A Catholic director’s forgotten masterpiece about marriage, aging, and the modern world

Originally at: by Steven D. Greydanus “Make Way for Tomorrow” (1937) debuts on Blu-ray from Criterion on May 12. Any time I run across a list of movies people probably haven’t seen but should, one title I look for is the Catholic … Continue reading

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Save Marriage? It’s Too Late.

Originally at: by DONALD SENSING Opponents of legalized same-sex marriage say they’re trying to protect a beleaguered institution, but they’re a little late. The walls of traditional marriage were breached 40 years ago; what we are witnessing now is the storming … Continue reading

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Like the President and Hillary, My Views on Marriage Have Evolved

Originally at: by David French I’ve evolved. In the not-so-distant past, I held a view that has since proven to be oppressive, a view of the law and culture that I now see as stifling the rights of others and … Continue reading

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Why I’m giving up my academic career to become a nun

Originally at: by Theodora Hawksley Who’d be a nun? Behind the statistics announced this week, which show that the number of women entering religious life is at a 25-year high, are the stories of 45 real women making the choice to … Continue reading

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