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The rise of therapeutic marriage

Originally at: by Joel J Miller ristians have traditionally understood marriage as more than contract, partnership, or mutual agreement. Though it’s been buried under a million words about rights and equality, the church understands marriage to be a sacrament, a … Continue reading

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Jake Olson, Shelley Smith continue to fight on

Watch this inspiring story of faith, love, determination:

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Under Francis, there’s a new dogma: Papal fallibility

Originally at: by John Allen, Jr When the First Vatican Council formally declared the dogma of papal infallibility in 1870, it was very carefully circumscribed. According to the council’s formula, a papal edict is regarded as incapable of error only … Continue reading

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Pope tells inmates in Bolivian jail Palmasola he, too, ‘must do penance’

Originally at: by  Inés San Martín SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — As the closing act of a jam-packed 44 hours in Bolivia, Pope Francis on Friday visited a notorious detention center called Palmasola, known as one of the world’s most overcrowded … Continue reading

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Couple married 75 years dies in each other’s arms

Watch this brief video — a powerful witness to marital love and fidelity:

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Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Just Fine

Wonderful personal testimonial:

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How Laudato Si’ Extends Catholic Social Teaching

Originally at: by Anthony Annett Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum novarum offered the church’s first official response to the rapid economic changes following the industrial revolution. Leo read the signs of the times with great clarity, and condemned both socialist collectivism and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Homily in Asuncion’s Nu Guazu Field

Originally at: by Below is the Vatican-provided text of Pope Francis’ homily during the Mass he celebrated this morning in Paraguay’s Nu Guazu field in Asuncion, during his Apostolic Visit to Latin America, July 5-13: *** “The Lord will shower … Continue reading

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When Did Going to Church Become Taboo?

Originally at: by JULIE BENSMAN I grew up the way I imagine lots of midwestern Catholic kids grow up. My family dutifully attended church on major holidays like Christmas and Easter, or on the rare Sunday when my mother succeeded in … Continue reading

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We lost the culture war. Time to retreat?

Originally at: by Tom Hoopes – Eugenio Hansen, OFS/ Wikipedia Commons The “Benedict Option” is one way for Christians to respond to the apparent victory of secularism in the culture war. I want to propose something else — the “Francis … Continue reading

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