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Why Catholics Should Not Call for Boycotts

Originally at: by Kevin Clark As the recent Starbucks red cup dustup shows, boycotts and rumors of boycotts will always be with us.  It seems like there never really was any active Starbucks boycott over the cups, and one wonders if … Continue reading

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Evangelizing with Mercy in a Post-Christian Culture

Originally at: by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila It is a great joy for me to be here today! It’s not only a blessing for me to be in my home state, but it’s also a gift to receive such a warm … Continue reading

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Could America Survive without Religion?

Originally at: by  Robert P. George Can freedom survive in a society in which most citizens believe that human beings, who are supposed to have inalienable rights, are merely material beings inhabiting a universe of purely material and efficient causality? … Continue reading

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What Daniel meant to the persecuted Egyptians

Originally at: by Chris Howse Beautifully carved on a small ivory box 1,500 years ago, Daniel stands, hands raised, palms outward, in prayer. He wears a conical hat with a turn-over point, no doubt to indicate he is an exiled Jew … Continue reading

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Supreme Court will wade back into the abortion debate

Originally at: by Richard Wolf WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Friday to re-enter the national debate about abortion. The justices will decide whether tough new restrictions placed on abortion clinics and doctors in Texas constitute an “undue burden” on women seeking legal abortions and … Continue reading

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Roots of the Culture War Divide

Originally at: by Russell Shaw The inability of parties to America’s culture war to communicate meaningfully with one another on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and assisted suicide is a disturbing fact of national life today. One observer remarks that … Continue reading

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Originally at: by Mark Juergensmeyer When I heard that the French government had identified ISIS as the group behind the horrible multiple attacks on Paris that have left over 120 dead and hundreds wounded, I wondered why. Why would this attack … Continue reading

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